Youth and families are invited to come to The Creative Space each week to be creative and give to the current ArtReach Project while growing and learning to be artists. It is the goal of ArtReach Youth Programs to encourage the use of creativity as an outreach into the community, to educate the inner artist, and to inspire the use of the imagination in all areas of living.

All programs in The Creative Space, formerly led by the director of Art Planet, are now project based rather than lesson-based. Each project challenges participants to make their own decisions, investigate ideas, collaborate with others, learn new skills, and engage in the evaluation process all while keeping the passion for learning alive. On top of all that, what we make contributes to our community! The goal of project based learning is to develop and enhance learning by encouraging critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and self-management.

When you register for a program, you are giving to your community. Our classes are donation based and no one is excluded based upon ability to pay. Contact the director to inquire about scholarship opportunities.