Join us while we combine science and art on Saturdays!
This is a high energy creative class time where we try out new ideas and put them to work. Kids in grades Kindergarten on up are welcome to register.

November Art Lab Topic:

The Paper Airplane Challenge:
What makes them fly? Whose will fly the farthest? What do we find in nature that flies? How does wing shape affect flight? Explore all of these topics and more each week as we add to the leader board for the longest flight. Can't attend class? Walk-ins are welcome to stop in anytime we are open to design a plane. Class time is learning time but anytime is play time!

December Art Lab Topic:

The Fold-a-thon:
SOOO many things can be made just by folding paper! Make things with origami, kirigami, 3D objects, patterns, color, and YOUR imagination! Inspire others with the things you make.

Fill the air with objects dangling in space! Make tiny gifts to give away! We'll have paper and patterns and lots of ideas to teach you. As always, class time is learning time but walk-ins are always welcome to add to the collection of ideas.

Dates and Times:

Saturdays November 4th-December 23rd


Would you like to see a morning class on the schedule?
Send us a message and let us know! We will be happy to respond to a high demand by putting more classes on the calendar!


Grab a CLASS PASS good for four classes and use it for any four classes you wish. There is one extra class per pass where you can bring a friend and they can try it for free!

Cost of the pass: $45
Expires 60 days after purchase

Registrants are encouraged to add an extra $10 to the price of the pass to add to our scholarship fund.


You can register and pay for your CLASS PASS simply by clicking the "Register" button below.