What is Art Planet?

Art Planet is a workshop studio where kids, families and adults can
experience art in
a fun and comfortable environment.
Classes and workshops are for students of all abilities with
a focus on engaging students with special needs.

Why does Art Planet exist?
"It's simple...I love people and I love art.
And I love putting the two together."

Where is Art Planet?
Art Planet is tucked away in a quiet Southeast Lincoln
neighborhood, in a home studio located just north of
Edgewood shopping center at 56th & HWY 2.

From the Director, Tamara Kaye

Summer Camp Schedule 2014!
Summer camps are super fun and a great way to spend your
time this summer. On top of that, all art camp students will get
to have their favorite art pieces on display for a whole month during
the Art Planet Summer Art Show! Those are only a COUPLE
reasons to get out your beret, put on your apron and head over
to the summer camp page to pick YOUR favorite art camp!
Class sizes are limited and are filling up fast!
See you in the studio!

Thanks for visiting the website today...
Feel free to browse the class pages to find something for the artist in your life and
take a look at the photo albums on Facebook to see what students are creating!

Because the planet needs more art!

Spoon Beetles made by campers attending "Extreme Art" at Camp Sonshine