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The Art of Inspiration...

We inhabit a great big world. A world full of wonder. A world full of surprises.
A world full of unbelievable things. A world to explore.

At Art Planet we believe that it takes a great big imagination to do great big things in
this world. And just like the muscles of an athlete, imaginations need to be used and
exercised if they are to grow strong. That's exactly what art can do.

Art class is like a playground for the imagination.

Art is a world full of 'what if''s' just waiting to happen.
Art allows us to become problem solvers when we encounter the unexpected.
Art  helps us encounter new perspectives and learn the value of sharing our ideas with each other.
With art, we consider more than one way to look at things. 

With imagination, our 
planet becomes Art Planet...
where creative thinking changes the way we live.


It is the mission of Art Planet to provide art classes, events and activities with the intent to foster
imaginative growth in individuals. We serve all ages and abilities of persons through the medium of
creativity in order to help them gain the confidence and skills to make various forms of art in an
environment that encourages unique thinking and personal expression.


Join us in the Creative Space!


Tamara Kaye
Owner & Creative Conductor